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Home of Sewing during the pandemic!

2020 was a scary year. Fact. Sadly as a country we entered one of the hardest periods that many will experience.

In the run up to the announcement there was lots of fear from different trades on how they would survive during what was looking like a rocky road. The first few weeks our team were making sure that repairs were completed, and returned safely to owners, machine deliveries were changed to make sure social distance was maintained, and our store became click and collect only.

After the first week of lockdown the dust started to settle and then... BOOM! The sewing trade like many went crazy! The country had gathered together in a war effort to help make scrubs for the short supplied NHS, and people generally fed up with the same repeats on tv took to reviving, or starting new hobbies

Pictured above some of our fabrics that went to making NHS scrubs (2020)

All the manufacturers were completely sold out of machines, and even fabrics became incredibly hard to source, but we endeavoured to make sure that the public would still be supplied, and carry on sewing.

Once our team had gotten into the swing of how life would now be, we took on new members and all worked hard to improve our business for the future! Working long days to prepare our shop to be covid safe, build our new easy to navigate e-commerce website and catalogue many of the thousands of treasures in our warehouses.

Thankfully we all stayed safe and sound, and that we live to tell the tale, and that we pray another pandemic to this extent and distraught does not happen within our lifetimes.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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