Brother's new S7100A industrial sewing machine with direct drive low energy motor and automatic thread trimmer.

At Home of Sewing we supply and fit this machine on the premium UK stand & tabletop.

The S7100A is a Fully Automatic straight stitch machine, it has automatic functions that make it easier and quicker to use. For example it has an automatic thread trimmer which cuts the threads for you after sewing, additionally it has automatic Backtack to be stitched at the beginning and end of sewing for reinforcement (this can be turned off and you can also programme the amount of stitches that will be in the backtack i.e 3 or 4). It also has speed control so you can set the speed to where you feel comfortable. This machine is direct drive where the motor is in the head and lasts longer than a standard motor. The S7100A also had less chance of any oil leakage due to its new try head technology and it also has a newly developed needle breakage prevention function. When you buy this machine it comes fully assembled complete with table top, stand on wheels, cotton post, oil and draw aswell as bobbins and needles to get you started!

    Brother S7100A Industrial Lockstitch Machine

    £1,199.00 Regular Price
    £1,099.00Sale Price
    Automatic Foot Lift
    • Single needle lock stitch machine 
    • Straight stitch machine 
    • Automatic Backtack function 
    • Automatic Thread trimmer 
    • High speed sewing
    • New hook enhancing sewing performance 
    • Needle breakage prevention function 
    • Light-Medium fabrics 
    • 5000 spm max speed
    • 4.2mm Max length
    • 31mm needle bar stroke 
    • Energy saving machine
    • Dry head technology to stop oil leakage/stains
    • User friendly operation panel 
    • Low noise and vibration 
    • Easy maintenance 
    • Bottom feed
    • Direct drive
    • Operation panel 
    • Option to add Automatic foot lift (£120) as it does not come as standard 


    This machine comes with a 12 month back to base guarantee.




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