The Horn Hobby Chair

As any hobbyist will tell you one of the most important things you’ll need when sitting for long periods is a correct sitting posture, good support and probably most importantly comfort. We have all seen budget priced chairs which are photographed so beautifully but once you start to look a little deeper the photogenic façade starts to slip. Lack of adequate padding for instance or poor quality padding which starts to disintegrate within a very short period, low quality components which can look identical but last nowhere near as long or just plain bad manufacture; these are just a few examples.

The Horn HOBBY CHAIR however, offers something for everyone, because after all we are all individuals with different needs. It features a 3 lever mechanism, this allows for huge precise adjustment, you can change not only the back height and rake position but also the tilt of the main seat, just like a luxury car seat. The Horn HOBBY CHAIR offers a sculptured, deep, luxuriously padded seat and back with an approved contoured support to fit into your body, it can be quickly raised or lowered to your desired position by means of a gas elevator and is fitted with a smaller castor base to allow you to fit easily into your sewing cabinet. To finish off the perfect chair it’s available in four home friendly fabrics.

The perfect chair to finish off your perfect sewing room. 


Horn Hobby Chair

Fabric Choice

The Hobby chair is fully adjustable for;
Back height
Back angle
Seat height
Seat angle

The back angles in and out, up and down and the seat tilts forward and backwards. The seat height can be adjusted up or down for the most comfortable seating position.




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