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The Smarter by Pfaff, 160s, has a fabulous look and is a beauty which will help you express your creativity and individual style...and it comes with a hard cover

PFAFF Smarter 160s Sewing Machine

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I am thrilled to tell you all about the New Smarter by Pfaff.  I hope this is the start of a new era for Pfaff. Pfaff sewing machines have tended to be on the larger scale,   bigger and better; now they are also producing smaller and better. The new 160 is a fantastic rival to the machines which already hold firm standings in a very established range of sewing machines. This machine holds an arsenal of 23 stitches which range from your ordinary utility stitches to decorative and stretch stitches and an automatic buttonhole stitch. With the range of stitches available on this machine, it makes it an excellent companion to any budding sewers.

The machine looks and feels light, bright, quirky and bold but also very solid and firm. Some machines you can literally bend in your hands,  a tell tale sign of poor quality. This machine will not bend... it is rigid, even the stitch dials and hand wheel with their responsiveness and rubberised texture, scream out quality. How does the machine run?... as you would expect a Pfaff machine to run... with ease, confidence and precision. This machine also has that all important hard cover, vitally important for protecting your machine when in storage.




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